Frequently Asked Questions

About OrienTrip

OrienTrip is an intelligent public transport app designed and developed to help individuals on the autism spectrum utilise public transport independently. The app has been co-produced by individuals on the autism spectrum, researchers, engineers, and academics using a scientific approach. OrienTrip simplifies public transport through step-by-step assistance, anxiety management and sensory overload strategies, and various trip de-escalation solutions.

  1. Is OrienTrip just for people on the autism spectrum?

    OrienTrip was designed with people on the autism spectrum in mind, to help reduce the impact of anxiety and stress that can be involved when using public transport. These emotional responses to Public Transport aren’t limited to just people on the Autism Spectrum though - many other transport users can be equally disoriented. We’ve ensured the app is open and available for everyone to use and benefit from inbuilt cues to help, based on solid evidence based research. If you are not on the autism spectrum and find the app helpful, we would love to hear your experience at

  2. How do the anxiety management solutions work?

    The anxiety and sensory overload solutions provided within the app are based on scientific research. These solutions are proven to help in distressing situations by reducing anxiety and stress.

  3. I love the app but I have some suggestions that could improve the app, how do I contact you?

    We would love to hear your experiences regarding the app and public transport in general. Please send us an email at

  4. What about the User Interface and the User Experience? Is it easy to learn and use the app?

    The User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) of the app has been designed with people on the autism spectrum in mind. We are currently conducting focus groups with individuals on the autism spectrum to further tailor the UI/UX to the sensory requirements of the target users. The findings of this study will be published in a scientific journal and an official announcement will be released through our social media channels to inform of the findings.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to share you experience with the app, please send us an email at Your feedback helps us improve the experience.