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Public transport requires complex skills including, but not limited to, accurate interpretation of travel schedules, detailed planning, timely management of transfer between interchanges, and problem-solving unpredicted changes. People with intellectual disabilities, including individuals on the autism spectrum, face significant challenges when utilising public transport. The infrastructure in place presents a critical barrier in accessibility and does not cater to the critical needs and requirements of these individuals.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC), an estimated 164,000 Australians had autism in 2015. Individuals on the autism spectrum are characterised by difficulties in communication skills, social interaction skills, repetitive behaviour, and an inability to self-regulate.

The Autism CRC in partnership with the New South Wales government Department of Finance, Services, and Innovation is excited to announce the release of OrienTrip, the first ever mobile app aimed at easing the complexity of public transport challenges for people living on the autism spectrum. Conceived under the Autism CRC's Program 3, incorporating research conducted at and developed by Curtin University, OrienTrip is aimed at removing anxiety and sensory overload barriers and ensuring a safe and independent public transport experience for individuals on the autism spectrum.

OrienTrip is co-produced by people on the autism spectrum for people on the autism spectrum. Our team members, consisting of researchers, engineers, occupational therapists, and academics are constantly working to improve the app and make public transport accessible for all.

We are incredibly proud and excited to be the first ever public transport app in Australia that enables public transport accessibility and independent community engagement for individuals living on the autism spectrum.

About OrienTrip

OrienTrip is an intelligent public transport app designed and developed with people on the autism spectrum in mind. OrienTrip understands the challenges people on the autism spectrum encounter when using public transport and tries to provide a solution through a mobile app that is accessible to everyone.

Some features of the app include:

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